Priority Club

About the club

To Celebrate our 10 year anniversary we are offering an exciting benefit club to all our valued customers, old and new. We have proudly grown through good reviews and customer recommendations, we will remain a small and humble family partnership,.

Why join

Our customers are always our main focus, and that’s why our expansion plans only evolve around them, we want to give the best service possible to the customers we have.

Club membership will grant you a place on a limited priority list of customers that will:

How to join

We wish we could include every customer, but to honour our club benefits, it is only viable for 20% of our customer base to become members.

We charge a one off annual charge of £20.00 plus VAT to be a member.

Contact us to request a membership

On a first come first serve basis and for a limited time only, we are offering customers a chance to gain membership for free by simply leaving a review using the link below. Please text 07582702771 with a full name and address to let us know it’s you.

With or without a membership, we assure every customer is valued and given the best service possible.