Why A Boiler System Is Better Than All Other Alternatives?

When it comes to heating systems, a boiler system is superior. Its alternative in the realm of central heating systems is the furnace. Meanwhile, some people may prefer buying space heaters and reject central heating as a whole. As stated before, however, a boiler is a buyer’s best option.

Boiler systems and furnaces

How do they work?

A boiler is a central heating system that uses hot water or converts water into steam and sends it to radiant flooring systems. These radiators, in turn, warm the house. A furnace heats a home through heating air and using a blower to circulate it around the ducts in your house.

Comparing boilers and furnaces

Radiant heating: The use of heated air means a furnace can produce air that can be quite harsh and dry. Therefore, compared to a furnace, a boiler system is more comfortable as the warmth is spread through steam or hot water.

Energy source: Boiler systems can usually run on either natural gas, oil, or electricity. At the same time, some furnaces can run on natural gas, propane, or electricity. This often makes furnaces less eco-friendly.

Disturbance: It is well known that furnaces are louder than boilers and can be quite a nuisance.

Installation costs and maintenance: Boilers are more expensive to install as it is an elaborate system. On the other hand, They have lower maintenance costs. Furnaces require annual maintenance, but they also require changes in their air filters.

In light of this, we can conclude that boiler systems are better than furnaces.

Boiler systems and space heaters

How do they work?

Space heaters work through using radiant heating. Radiant heaters emit infrared radiation into the air warming up their near surroundings.

Comparing boilers and furnaces

Space heaters are small and portable, and they are great for warming up small areas like a bed. A boiler and a space heater can work on the types of fuel. Meaning they are equally eco-friendly. A boiler uses more energy than one space heater, but it is inefficient to have multiple space heaters in different rooms. Therefore, space heaters can be great for places that do not get cold enough to warrant a central heating system. Most places in the UK, however, need a central heating system.

Summing up

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