Turn Up the Temperatures

The unacknowledged heroes behind your home’s warmth are boilers. They are primarily heating exchangers made of tube and shell, where water is heated to steam or converted to hot water with high pressure. You may not even notice when you have trouble with your boiler. Even the most efficient boiler will not last forever. That’s why, at some point for everyone, the time comes for the installation of a new boiler.

When to install a new boiler?

1. Installation of the current boiler was more than 10 years ago:

Boilers cannot indefinitely maintain the same degree of durability and performance, so they must be replaced. The condition of the existing boiler can help you decide when a new boiler is to be installed. Consider installing a new boiler at least 10 years after the existing boiler has been installed.

2. When electricity bills become more expensive:

As boilers get older, they lose their efficiency and utilize more fuel to satisfy the same demand for domestic hot water and central heating.

3. Leakage of water:

Even the slightest water leaks can harm your property as well as your heating system. You must call a heating engineer immediately if you find the water leaking from some part of your heating system.

What is the installation cost of a boiler?

There is no response to how much the installation costs for a boiler as there are many factors involved. Below are factors influencing the installation costs of boilers:

  • Manufacturer.
  • Boiler model.
  • Boiler size.
  • Engineer costs.

What should a boiler installation quote contain?

An installation quote should contain the below essentials:

  • The boiler’s model, build, and price.
  • The boiler’s location.
  • Water treatment.
  • Post-installation checkup.
  • The complete explanation of warranty.

Keeping boiler installation costs to a minimum is a prime concern for most customers. The Duchy Gas Team delivers the best available quality with a seven to twelve year warranty for any boiler installation at the lowest possible rate with Gas Safe registered installers. For more details on boiler installation in Falmouth, visit the website.