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We all love winters, don’t we? The sweet smell of hot cocoa, the warmth of fuzzy sweaters, and the joy all around. It is the perfect time of the year. However, winters also invite illnesses like fever, cough, and cold. To enjoy winters, you need to be fit and fine.

Though we make sure that we are always decked up with warm clothes, we forget about the cold in our house. Our houses tend to get extremely cold. This is the reason why many houses nowadays have a heating system. As soon as the winters arrive, we all make sure to dust off our heating systems and fix any damages to get them charged up. One of the best investments for the winter season is boilers.

Boilers are essential because they help you stay warm and ensures that you do not have any icing problems in your piping and drainage system during the winter.

The Duchy Gas Team provides the best boiler installation in Falmouth. We provide all kinds of plumbing and heating services at an affordable price. Our gas engineering company was established in 2014, and we have been striving to cater to the needs of our customers ever since. We even work with gas boilers, and our customers claim our services to be the best gas boiler repair in Redruth.

Heat, Gas, and so much more!

We would not want our customers to wander around to different companies for different tasks. We provide a range of services in the area of heating and plumbing and also extend expert advice if needed. Our team serves the whole Cornwall region. We offer:

  • Boiler Breakdown Servicing
  • Boiler Installation
  • Gas Boiler Repair
  • Gas Safety Certifications: We check whether all the pipework and gas lines are proper and safe to use. After completing a strict inspection, we grant you the safety certificate.
  • All Kinds of Plumbing Services like tap replacements, toilet repairs, etc.

What makes The Duchy Gas Team the best?

At The Duchy Gas Team, we believe in happy and satisfied customers. We are a family run business with an excellent team, which makes us all the stronger. We claim to be one of the finest in the business because:

  • We offer affordable but quality services so that you can call us without hesitation.
  • Our team attends to your appointment the same day you schedule one.
  • Our expertise and equipment both are of top quality.
  • We aim to expand our local business with the strength of customer satisfaction.

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