Boiler Breakdowns

All boilers, regardless of make and model or age, will experience problems at some point or another, and the longer they’re left to worsen, the costlier the repairs are likely to be. By having your boiler serviced on an annual basis, you can ensure it remains in top condition for as long as possible while continuing to run efficiently and keep your bills to a minimum. You can trust our professionals to identify problems no matter how seemingly minor they may be, making us the company to call when you need a boiler repair in Cornwall.

The Duchy Gas Team have been servicing and repairing all makes and model of boilers for 20 years. Our team of highly trained Gas Safe engineers can handle any commercial and domestic task no matter how big or small.

How we charge for fault-finding and repair

When we come out to a boiler breakdown or central heating breakdown we will carry out a diagnostic check to see if it is a simple, straightforward fault. If we can quickly solve it or repair it within that one hour we will apply a standard 1 hour minimum charge £50 + VAT (plus parts if needed).

If we are reasonably confident about a diagnosis that requires parts, or more than the hour’s labour, we will quote you for the work we know that it is needed. If you are not happy with the price we have quoted, we will leave, politely, and you will only pay the minimum 1 hour labour charge.

We use best judgement but we can’t guarantee 100% that our diagnosis will always be correct nor can we guarantee that you won’t need further parts or repair work. If you accept the quote for the work we will naturally expect to be paid for what we have done, whether or not the work is successful and whether or not more work is required.

We provide an invoice when we finish the work and ask for payment at the time of the visit; cash, cheque or online transfer (only by prior arrangement) is fine but we don’t take cards at present.

Sometimes it is clear that the fault is complex and that several parts may be needed or costly. If it is a boiler fault we may recommend that you contact the manufacturers and ask if they offer a fixed fee repair. The better manufacturers do. So a fixed fee repair may be the sensible option (not usually cheap!!).

Failing that, we may suggest that it is not possible to repair your boiler due to no longer available parts or it is uneconomical to repair. We don’t do this lightly and we never exploit our customers to generate more work. We will usually be happy to quote for a boiler replacement and that quote will be free if possible and in writing.