Problems Caused by Improper Boiler Installation

Are you planning on installing a boiler in Falmouth? It offers many benefits such as low maintenance and repair requirements, long lifespan, clean heating, and quiet operation. However, you will not get much comfort, and maybe not at all, if you install the boiler incorrectly.

Poor boiler installation is often caused by amateur contractors or inexperienced homeowners trying to get the job done by themselves. Boiler installation is challenging and requires trained and licensed HVAC technicians.

Some problems of improper boiler installation work

  • Loose connections – A boiler installed without proper training and planning may have loose interconnections to the main tank. It is due to poor copper soldering. This is the main cause for failed boiler installations in Falmouth encountered by repairmen in custom installations.
  • Improper water circulation – It is necessary to properly plan the location of the pipes for the boiler installation. Faulty plumbing often means loss of heating due to improper use of space and wasted energy. The boiler will have to work extra hard to reach the correct temperature.
  • Dangers from gas leaks – The risk of gas leaks is the most severe problem you can face. If you have a natural gas boiler, you must not allow anyone other than a licensed technician to install it. Poor gas pipe connections to your home can lead to dangerous carbon monoxide leaks. Even if there is no risk of leakage, poor airflow means that the boiler often fails due to poor control and gas burners.
  • Thermostat failure – Thermostat failure is a relatively minor problem but has severe consequences for your boiler. If you find some issues with your boiler, the thermostat is often the first component you want to get looked at by a professional.

Trust only professionals with your boiler installation

All of the above will not only cause the boiler to work poorly but also work ineffectively. It eliminates the main benefits of having a boiler in the first place.  An inefficient system will cost you money and run out quickly. If you want a boiler that will last as long as possible and provide you with energy-efficient heat, ensure it is installed correctly by a professional.

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