Plants Dying for No Apparent Reason? It May Be Gas Safety Inspection Season!

If you’ve noticed trees or plants dying for unknown reasons, you may be surprised to know that you could potentially have a gas leak! A gas leak is quite difficult to detect. ‘Mercaptan’ is the chemical added to gas to make it easier to smell, but a small leak can go completely unnoticed even with this. Having your gas appliances checked regularly is crucial, and various professionals help landlords obtain gas safety inspections certificates in Falmouth. But exactly how dangerous is a gas leak?

Why are gas leaks dangerous?

Here are some of the dangers a gas leak can pose to your home:

  1. Explosions and fire

Uncontrolled combustion causes a very sharp pressure shock wave through the air. If this type of combustion is in an unconfined space, the result is a flash fire. If in a confined space, the result can be a powerful explosion. Natural gas spreads very quickly and is very sensitive to combustion. Even a small electrical spark or fire source can set this off if you have a leak in your house.

  1. Asphyxia

Natural gas is non-toxic but can cause death by suffocation as the gas displaces the air in a confined space. A person will experience the following effects as the gas concentration in air increases:

  • 25-30%: Oxygen deficiency causes ringing ears, euphoria, and unexplained behavioural changes
  • 50%: The person will be incapacitated by a few breaths and unable to self-rescue
  • 75%: The person is immediately incapacitated, and death will occur in a matter of minutes
  1. Carbon monoxide poisoning

Incomplete combustion can occur when the gas mixture is over 10% in concentration. Some of the remaining carbon from the gas reacts to form the incomplete, less stable compound known as carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is an extremely dangerous and toxic chemical that can cause physical illness and death when inhaled under certain conditions.

  1. Kills plants

If you care about your plants, you should note that a gas leak can be extremely dangerous to them. Natural gas leaks from pipes into the ground, displacing oxygen in the soil. This, in turn, suffocates and kills the roots of the trees and plants growing there. Dead or dying vegetation in a specific area may indicate a gas leak from an aged pipe or one that has been damaged by past construction or digging in that area.

 What to do to ensure your gas safety?

It is required to conduct regular gas safety inspections every 12 months. If you’re a landlord looking to obtain a landlord gas safety certificate in Falmouth, the Duchy Gas Team can help you. Call, text, or WhatsApp on 07904546942 or visit the website to learn more about them and the company’s gas safety services.