High- Quality Boiler Installation in Falmouth

Winters in Falmouth can be severe and chilling, especially during January and February. For such different times, having a boiler at your home is a must. After all, who enjoys waking up during frosty mornings and having a bath with chilly water. Traditionally, individuals would boil water and use this for their everyday necessities. However, this isn’t a feasible idea if you are looking to save up on your electricity bill. A convenient and cost-effective alternative would be getting a boiler installation Falmouth team to work their magic.

How to approach for Boiler Installation in Falmouth?

Are you looking to install a new boiler at home but are struggling to find a reliable team to do the needful? Or your old boiler needs to be replaced by installing a new one? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you have come to the right place!

The Duchy gas team are renowned in Cornwall for their exceptional services in plumbing and heating at par with industry standards. Established in 2014, the company has quickly climbed the ladder of recognition and offers excellent services to its customers. They offer round the clock service to understand your concerns and deliver according to your needs, be it a replacement or installing a new one.

Why choose the Duchy Gas Team in Falmouth, Cornwall?

Experienced and Professional team

You would be guided with a team of experienced and professional members who are always ready to help you. Moreover, they are fully-trained and experienced to handle such situations. Hence, keeping all your problems at bay.

Affordable Pricing

Installing or replacing a boiler can be an expensive deal for most of us. It is one Duchy gas team steps in to offer competitive and affordable pricing to its customers. They are known to provide the best standards at the lowest possible rates. Moreover, they take pride in offering competitive prices by beating most national gas companies.

Assured with guarantee and warranty

Boilers and plumbing can be a tricky and expensive offer for anyone. To safeguard their consumer’s interests, the team offers 7-12 years of warranty when installing boilers. Additionally, all the work done by them is guaranteed. Also, you can extend your warranty and save a fortune!

Gas Safe Registered

All employees working at the company are gas safe registered. Additionally, they are well-equipped to take care of situations that might arise while installing or servicing boilers. The company is accredited with major boiler manufacturers, so you are in safe hands!

If you are looking for boiler installation in Falmouth, you must reach out to the Duchy Gas Team via their website or number.