Gas Boilers, Uses, Types, And Regular Maintenance Services

In almost every home and workplace, gas boilers are very often found. So, it is understandable for them to assume they know how it functions and operates properly. While we rely on boilers to heat our homes and provide us with hot water, most people are inexperienced with the enormous white box commonly located far from our eyes. And in the absence of professional help, homeowners forget to look after or get the gas boiler repaired in Redruth in several situations.

What are gas boilers and their uses:

A boiler is a massive furnace or fire as the thermostat regulates it. The main function of a gas boiler is to act as a heater and provide hot water to buildings.

Whenever you activate your central heating, the hot water produced by your boiler is pushed through your radiators, providing them with a consistent source of heat to keep you warm and comfortable during the cooler months of autumn and winter.

Types of gas boilers

There are several elements to consider when choosing the ideal type of boiler for your home that includes;

  • The dimensions of your home
  • The number of bathrooms, showers, or baths
  • The water pressure in your area
  • And when the house was built.

Choose accordingly as per your requirements:

  • Regular boilers: It can provide enormous amounts of hot water to multiple bathrooms, making them an excellent choice for larger homes and families. Regular boilers are best for homes with traditional heating and hot water systems connected to a separate hot water cylinder.
  • System boilers: A hot water storage cylinder is required for system boilers, although they do not require a water tank. They also include a built-in pump and expansion vessel, obviating the requirement for a header tank.
  • Combi boilers: A combi boiler, also known as a combination boiler, combines a high-efficiency water heater with a central heating boiler. It comes directly from the mains, allowing you to have hot water when you need it.


It is essential to manage your gas boilers with the help of professionals to prolong their shelf life and conduct regular inspections. Contact them for gas boiler repair in Redruth on encountering any underlying issue.

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